Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bald is the new pink; or so I hear...

MRI Update:
Potential new growth in the tumor cavity (most likely from the post-op period until when I started treatment); but the tumor didn't spread to other parts of my brain. Good news.
I has no hair. Hey, Britney Spears did it too.
(Note: I had to shave it. My hair was falling out in clumps and my receding hairline was just sad. See picture below.)

Today I went to the mall. I was wearing a beanie and I walked by one of those kiosks. Unfortunately, a guy trying to sell me some hair product asked me how long my hair was. I laughed and took off my beanie. His response was, "It's okay!" (Not actually sure what that meant...)
-Lesson of today: Don't just assume that people have hair. Some of us lucky ones don't. Hair is overrated.

Also, if anyone feels compelled to buy me this puppy, please, do not hesitate.
I might not be candidate for "pet lover of the year" (real award); but I swear, I would love this dog.
(Sorry, Abe - I do love you too).


  1. you? loving a dog? looks like wishbone... and i know how you felt about him.

  2. i've always kindof wanted to shave my head just to try's an exotic look!

    looooove the doggie!!

  3. ummmm...everything about this post just kinda makes me really happy.

    I lof ju le muchhhh.