Monday, January 30, 2012

Taxol Chemotherapy: Quite "taxing" on the left eyebrow...

Left-eye Lopez from TLC? No, that's just Breland with half of a left eyebrow.

I got to see Sarah before she leaves for Chile! I'll miss you but I will definitely have to come visit.
Got to have dinner with this dashing man this evening...
I built Callie this kick-ass table. It wood (see what I did there?) be my most favorite table I have ever built. We have a thing for maps, you wouldn't understand.

Okay, so this pic is not photoshopped. This is actually  my muscle. Are the steroids that I take for tumor swelling also increasing my muscles? I have NOT picked up a dumbbell nor worked out in a very long time.
Oh, and this girl is cool I guess. :)


  1. First, that table is awesome. Can I commission you to build me one??! Second, your muscles are huge. Tony would be proud. Third, someone should explain to Sarah that wearing sleeveless shirts in January is inappropriate.

  2. Also, the word google made me type in so that it would publish my comment was "diet iffy." wtf. thanks google. I GET IT!!

  3. Haha! That's hilarious. I will make you a table. Call it a wedding present. :)

  4. someone should tell emily stevens to mind her own business.