Sunday, April 8, 2012

MRI Update and Round 4(?) of HDC

MRI Update:
No new growth, which is great... but it's still very large so there is talk of a second surgery. I would rather NOT go through that again. I will just have to wait for this neurosurgeon at UC San Fran to see if he thinks he can remove more of it.

Now let's talk about how much fun I had in Denver before the MRI.
Wine, pictures, guitar, singing and lots of porch time pretty much sums it up.

Mountain drive leading us to train tracks with Kristine. Oh, Colorado, how I love thee.
ATTEMPTING to balance on the rail...
Favorite picture of Callie. Ever.
Dog blinked. Point for Callie.
Callie's dog, Koda... what a bitch. (She's a female dog, I'm not being rude.)
Love you, Jo Jo.


  1. love you.
    I'd tweet that to you but...

  2. Oh fine @boulderberry. @rizzobreland is back. Back again. Tweet me, batch.