Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My Weekend and More Painting!

This weekend we went to our cabin at the lake. My cousin, Matt, wanted to come see me, so he did! We had too much fun.
Ray Ray and ONE LOVE (Matt).  
 Keith, Leah's boyfriend, decided that this picture of Jude (Leah's brother's baby) looked so much like this Rolling Stones cover that he could not help himself. Well done, Keith. I applaud you!
Today we painted. You can tell who the better painter is (obviously).  Or can you...?


  1. I regret to say I have been away from the blog…however I love the magazine covers…Aniston aint got nothin on baby.

  2. Gotta love photoshop! I had way too much fun making that, wish I could make one for everyone! Miss you Ray Brey!!