Thursday, July 12, 2012

Best Random Trip to Denver, ever.

I was talking to Callie on the phone last Friday, upset because I missed her and Denver in general (where some of my favorite people are). SO... 45 minutes later I had bought a plane ticket for the next morning. Spontaneous trip to Denver? Absolutely.
The reunion!

I mean, what if I started seizing at that very moment? #thankgodforhelmets
Oh Dane, you're a buff sweetie pie.
Lauren and I completely switched outfits merely because I said, "ugh, I would NEVER be able to pull off those jeans."
Cutest ever.
Yeargs must of said something intelligent so naturally I'm giving her the, "come on, I knew that already, psh" look.

The next morning. Slightly hung over. But 100% worth every moment.
Thank you Callie, Hunter, Yeargs, Dane, Lauren and Kristine for making my week so special. I love all of you!

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