Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Really? I'm done?

Not sure how to describe the past 6 weeks...

The following video clip pretty much sums up the timing of it all:

Joel came with me to Denver yesterday for a pulmonary test and my IV Chemo drip.
We got to watch The Jerk. For some reason, I get my own room for the drip... It makes me feel a little VIP.
I was put into a box. Literally.
Excited/cocky that I get to be let out of the box.
Especially after the shockingly loud yells of the Pulmonary Test coach guy who loved to hear himself talk.
My plans for the mask go as follows:
An "Office Space" type scenario where I destroy it with a baseball bat to the tune of,
"Damn, It Feels Good to be a Gangsta'"

Thank you Jaqueline, Simone, Tiffany, Michael - all RAD techs (see what I did there?) and Debbie upstairs in Chemotherapy! I will miss you guys, but please don't cry, I live about 5 minutes away and I'll come bother you soon.


  1. I see what you did there... and I love it. Thanks for bringing a smiling face every morning to start our day. We would love to see you back- but only for a friendly visit not as a patient :)

  2. I love your plans for the mask. I believe eveyone should have a similar ceremony! I agree with Jacquelynn. Next time let's run into each other at a concert. Take care! Tiffany

  3. Is that a glass box of emotions?