Thursday, September 13, 2012


I love music.
And by love, I mean LOVE.
I'll share someone who I recently discovered. If no one has seen the NPR Tiny Desk Concert Series, it's rad. You should check them all out, but for now...
(Click link above)
Trust me, I'm a doctor.
Okay, I'm not a doctor, but with the amount of doctors I have been around this past year, I think I'm halfway there.

Also, I would get a rough head count on how many people read my blog. I have a crazy amount of page views. Comment if you can read this (or if you can't read at all).

Just say something simple, like "supercalifragalisticespialadocious" or "hi".


  1. I can't read :) checking out nor concert series now!

  2. Hi Rach! I want my puppy to meet Ecco. Keeper is growing so fast! He is going to be a horse (ah hem, I mean adult great dane) before I know it.

  3. Are you just trying to see how popular you are? I check your blog like 13 times a day, but I'm not really sure why because you usually send me a message with instructions to read your new posts. SO--lots of those page views could be me... :)

  4. I was able to use supercalifragalisticespialadocious in one of my papers for english, it was pretty cool. I love your Ecco, super cute. I miss you.

  5. Hey Rachel, it's Ashley Brezina, Maddie Line's cousin. Just letting you know I read your blog. I swing by ever so often just to see how you are. Would love to add you as a friend on FB but understand if you don't want to. Thanks for keeping your blog open! Let me know if you would like to get together sometime. I'm in The Colony! :)

  6. I love Brandi and tiny desk concerts...I always knew we were twins.

  7. "Hey Rachel!" ...I'm still following :) annnnnnddddd your hair is getting SOOOO long!

    1. My hair IS so long! I love it. Hope you're doing well. This post didn't exactly work... no one responded to it. Haha. Keep in touch!