Monday, September 24, 2012

More good news...

So... we counted at the oncologist office last Wednesday and instead of having 3 HDC rounds left, I only have 2. Praise Jesus! Last night I started the first dose of my second to last round.

This is how I feel right now:
I do a lot of this:
This is how much energy I have:
Me with sweet, sweet Ecco:

Only one more round after this one. I'm done forever the week before I go to Denver on Oct. 29th! Then I have an MRI every 2 months and they monitor my tumor until something happens. Yay.


  1. Rachel, love the chair. I can stitch you a quilt lap blanket for your chair, if you would like. Take cotton clothing from each member of family and/or friends and send to me. I piece the fabric together and also if you have piece of fabric left from chair material. I'd love to make you one, but remember its Southern Country Style. Love your strength and style.