Monday, October 1, 2012

More Projects and Less Parents!

So my parents left for Hawaii. Now I can finally throw a HUGE party and they will never know about it! Unless, of course they read my blog in Hawaii. Uh, forget what I said, Dad.
Mom, you don't care because you would probably be partying with us.
Aloha Boots and Jimbo! And no, I'm not throwing a party because I'm a grandma. It's 3:03pm in Dallas, but around the world it's 3:03am. Holy smokes, I better go to bed. Night guys.
This is my great grandmother's chair. It was very wobbly so I took the whole thing apart and put it back together in a very sturdy way. The only was this chair could be more sturdy would be if God himself came down and built it. But he told me to do it myself. I also stained it and recovered the seat (in the background).
Because of this... 
... I was forced to build this to keep Ecco out of the garden. Apparently Ecco like-a the jap-a-leenos. Sound it out. It's correct how I spelled it. Google told me I was right.

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